Access Your CPD




Welcome to North Lanarkshire's CPD website which has been set up to support you with your continuing professional development. In Learning and Leisure Services we are all involved in a continuous process of improvement and we are committed to fostering a positive climate for continuous learning. CPD of staff is the means by which we can achieve this. In North Lanarkshire CPD will address the needs created by national and local priorities, the needs of schools as well as individual aspirations, needs and personal fulfillment.

You can use this site to:

  • apply for a place on courses provided by various providers within Learning and Leisure Services
  • apply for external courses
  • enter details of CPD tasks in your CPD record
  • create and maintain your PRD Plan and Record
  • complete the GTC Scotland 5-yearly Professional Update process
  • follow links to other websites which may be of interest to you.

Your staff development coordinator will approve or decline any request you make for training. You should regularly check your home page of the CPD website for notification on the progress of requests. You will also receive email notification from the CPD system from time to time.